Recently, and not for the first time (!), I found myself in a whirlwind of anxiety and stress over a myriad of concerns such as ending a marketing business of over 20 years, minor surgery for a loved one for melanoma (I lost my father to skin cancer), miscommunication with relatives and also “Good” stress, such as planning for a big trip. These are only a few of which I’ll share! I know I’m not alone!

The question is “How do we handle stress and anxiety and move quickly through it?” What are your tools to bring you back to center? There is interesting research that finds stress can be a good thing as long as it’s short term. Short term stress energizes and challenges us. Maybe we should have a more “positive” view of stress?

Over and over again I receive clarity and peace when I allow myself to slow down, breath and come back to the present. It brings me back to what is really important in my life, rather than just racing around doing and doing more stuff. Even a 10-12 meditation daily has made a world of difference in my life. If this is too much, set your timer to 5 minutes daily. Don’t forget to look around you and see the beauty of what’s around you. Identify things around you to ground you, such as a flower or tree which will immediately bring you back to the present time. You will then slow down and perhaps become more grateful.

For myself, I will continue to learn the lessons of “Slowing Down to Speed Up.” The challenge becomes what can I really let go of that is really not so important so that I may I have more freedom, clarity and joy in my life.

I welcome your ideas and comments!


Anna BillmaierComment