Are you a 'Fixer'?

Are you a compassionate person who wants to help people? Do you feel frustrated listening to your friends and family who complain about the same things all the time?

Maybe you try to offer advice or suggestions on how to Fix the problems they face. Of course it’s for their own good, right?  Think about how you feel when someone tries to “Fix” you. I will bet my money that you tune out, perhaps feel resentful and maybe not hear a word they say. This way of interacting continues to go on and no one feels acknowledged or appreciated for who they are. 

One of the coaching precepts that are inherent to the profession is this: You are Whole, Creative, Capable, and Resourceful. When you try to Fix a person’s situation, you are negating this very principle.

Try this Instead: Pause, take a breath to Listen and Perceive what they are really saying. Reflect and clarify back. You will be absolutely amazed at how your personal/business relationships will improve!

Have a wonderful day!