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I’m asked “what is the difference between coaching and therapy?” The one basic difference is therapy attempts to uncover and address the past while coaching starts with where you are now. Coaching at it’s core does not attempt to fix/change the past but rather incite you to move forward. Where you would like to be now? What is holding you back from your visions and dreams? It’s been said the only thing constant in life is change. A life coach guides and supports you through the changes of your life, whether it be personal relationships, career changes, self-empowerment/ self-growth, health/vitality, or reducing stress to name a few. You may hire a coach at different stages of your life as the emphasis is on moving forward and addressing choices and actions. The accountability piece in coaching is where we can measure our results and “wins”. The clarity and “Aha” moments is where we celebrate your progress! I invite you to experience a complimentary “mini-coaching session” of 30 minutes to see if coaching speaks to you and if we are a good “fit.” My door is open to you and I welcome your input.

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